Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday!

~March 21, 2013~

 On this Thankful Thursday, I am most thankful for my family!  So, I decided to take this opportunity to introduce you all to my special blessings in my life: my husband, children & fur babies! Here is a picture of my beautiful babies who are growing up so incredibly fast. They are on Spring Break this week so I took them to the sound for a little mini photo shoot!
My oldest daughter on the left "Queen Bee" is 12, my son "DC" is 16 (in April) and my babygirl "Bug" is 10!!
Here's my favorite posed shot:
And this is how they normally look =D :
Queen Bee:
And my little Diva, Bug =)
Here is a photo of my husband, J and I. We have been married for 18 years (unbelievable, I know!) He has been my saving grace. xo
Here is one where he's smiling =)

These photos were taken last month in New Orleans. We were there for our daughter's cheerleading competition. Those seem to be the only "vacations" we get because their cheer is so expensive! We love to watch them compete however; and I thoroughly find joy in watching them so it is all well worth it to me! We are leaving tomorrow for another cheer competition in Orlando! Here is a photo of them below doing what they love. This one was taken on Okaloosa Island at the Emerald Coast Convention Center where they had just won 1st place and Grand Champion in their division so they were very happy girls!
And here is another one with us at a competition immediately after they performed! I was a very proud Mommy xo
 I am so thankful for my mature, intelligent son who just got his first ever job! He is employed as a kennel tech at a veterinarian clinic! He took the initiative himself to get a job! I am a very proud mommy! Here is a photo of him on his first day of work:
These are from our photo shoot:
And here are the little fur babies of mine. They stay right underneath me all day every day but I love it! The little one on the bottom of the photo is Luke and Tinkerbell is at the top of the photo!
 Tinkerbell is 8 and she is sick with cancer. ;(  She is a rat terrier that we adopted from the vet when she was a puppy. Luke is a Chihuahua, only 9 months old according to the vet. He was a rescue that we got in December. He bonded with Tink and I right away! ;) I think he has been good for Tink since she has been ill. Her cancer is too advanced for treatment. ;(
They are worse than my children as far as being right underneath me. They follow every step I take! I can barely type on the computer for them being right on top of me!

Here is one of my favorite photos of Luke. He is so precious and loves to cuddle!
And here is one of Tink. She is my heart!
And this is what they do all day, every day!

I am also thankful for the SPRINGTIME & The Gulf of Mexico. SUMMERTIME will be here soon! Yay!!!

Because I am a total:

On this Thankful Thursday I am also thankful for my favorite "healthy fat"....
I am also thankful for pretty flowers that make me smile and brighten my day:
And I am extremely grateful for my friend, Shannon. xo
She is my inspiration.
I am also thankful for my friend, Venny. She is my motivator. She gave me this magnet a couple of months ago and I noticed today that it is my "oneword365"!! How awesome is that?
It's nice to remind yourself every once in a while what you are thankful for. It puts things in perspective! And....
Until next time,