Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Crazy Life & a Giveaway Winner!

I would first like to start this post out by apologizing for making you guys wait so long to read about the Keira's Kollection Giveaway winner. I have been too busy to even sit down and complete a post for you guys and I don't like mediocre. I want to deliver material of substance when I write! I am very new to blogging and I am particular! I must have the time to sit down and think about what I'm writing and make sure I deliver it in a way that I am proud to publish. And day after day this week as this post is on my mind and knowing that I am letting all of you guys down by not posting the winner yet (while I run around like a chicken with my head cut off), it occurred to me! THAT is one of my biggest faults. I THINK TOO MUCH!!! I over analyze everything. To the point sometimes, that I drive myself crazy. And more than likely, those around me too!! Haha! However, when I was younger, I was completely opposite! I was spontaneous (I am reminded of this every time I look back on old pictures and see some of my hair cuts and outfit choices! LOL) and didn't really think much about anything. I opened my mouth way too many times without thinking!! So, I have GOT to find middle ground!! Somehow! Now, the way to that, I haven't quite figured out yet! :)
So to recap my crazy life this past week, let's start with Friday. Friday night I attended the high school Miss NHS pageant that the Sophomore class hosted. That is my son's class and they hosted it to raise money for Prom next year as they will be Juniors and will host it! (I cannot believe my son is that grown up. :-( ) I must say, they did a fantastic job! It was very elegant and well organized and of course, the girls looked beautiful!
Saturday was the local Navarre Beach Fun Fest! It was very nice. My son and husband worked that day so they couldn't attend. My daughters and I went out to enjoyed the festival. The girls got arm bands for the kid area so I was able to walk around and check out all the vendors all alone! I took my time, stopped by each one and chatted quite a bit! It was so nice to not have someone rushing me or begging me to buy something for once!(that did happen towards the end of my tour once the kids took a break from the play area to harass their mom though!) I met several people, and found out about a wonderful little shop not too far away. The lady made lotions, body scents, cleansers, moisturizers that had natural ingredients and essential oils. It was amazing!! The products felt so good on my skin. Of course I had to bring some home and they have been marvelous! I cannot rave about them enough! There was another vendor who made her own sugar scrubs that smelled delightful. So I spoke to her about how she made them, came home and googled it and now I am making MY OWN!! I have felt marvelous with all of my new skin care products!
Sunday we joined some friends of ours for a relaxing day at the beach. That was much needed and I thoroughly enjoyed it! And then the week started with the dreaded Monday and my wheels have not stopped turning since! School, church class, Confirmation rehearsal, end of year cheer banquet, making wreaths, laundry, helping my son plan for his SGA banquet, preparing for family to visit this weekend, helping my son pack for his State Chorus competition, the list just does not end! Whew, I am exhausted just remembering all of that! Not to mention all of the stuff in between!
So, without further adieu, the Keira's Kollection winner chosen by via Rafflecopter is.......

Julie R.

Congratulations Juli! And to make you even more excited, their new line is out!!! (I am really digging the neon orange by the way!) Contact me so we can get your new tee to you!!!

Until next time,