Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy 16th Birthday to my son & exciting news!

~April 21, 2013~
I feel terrible about neglecting my blog for so long; however my life has been non-stop for over a month now! But first,
Happy Birthday to my son! He is 16 years old today. Wow, time flies. I can still remember the details of the day I went into the hospital and the day he was born. From the first minute I set eyes upon him, I was in love with this precious, perfect child that my husband and I had created. From that moment on, my life changed forever. Being a mother is one of my most cherished privileges. My son has impressed me in so many ways. He is mature, smart, God fearing, loving and nurturing. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes me want to scream, but I wouldn't take anything for any of the moments in my life that I have spent with him.
He didn't want a party even though I all but begged for him to let me give him one. He shocks and surprises me often, and today was no exception. He said he just wanted to spend the day with his family. He said he thought birthdays should be spent with the family anyway. He said, "you and dad created me and we should just spend the day celebrating my life and enjoying it together by going to church, having lunch and spending a relaxing day on the beach." So that's exactly what we did! It was such a beautiful day!
And here is a pic of my first ever homemade decorated cake, lol!
Just recently, (which is why I have neglected my blog), my son was elected President of the Student Government Association at his high school! He spent 2 weeks campaigning and interviewing and giving his speech. The election finally came and 3 days later he got the wonderful news that he had won the election. We made posters, pictures, had buttons made, made school colored hair was crazy! I had no idea what the campaign would entail and it was a lot of work!!! It was all worth it though! Congrats my son, I know you will make a wonderful President and do great things!!!
For a week prior and the first week of the campaign, we spent revamping the Memorial Garden at the high school. My son was in charge of the committee that was to see that the Memorial Garden was redone and beautified. Boy, was it a mess! I spent a total of 6 days 4-6 hours each day working in that garden and after the fourth day, I couldn't move. My back was in so much pain! So I took 2 days off and got right back at it for 2 more days until it was complete. I helped them by getting donations as well, so many to the point that the SGA only had to spend $85 from their budget. We have a great community and we are so grateful to all of those that donated and made it possible to make the Memorial Garden beautiful once again. Cody has gotten so many compliments from the Principal, teachers and students on how beautiful the garden looks. I am so proud of him for caring so much about his school to take on such a huge project. But he did it!
I cannot wait until all of the flowers bloom! Here's the before pic:

Lastly, I am proud to announce that I have been selected to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!!! With my friends encouragement, I applied and to my surprise, I got the email from Jamie & Alyse that I had been chosen to represent the Sweat Pink community as an ambassador! So now I get to proudly display the badge on my blog!!
It's great to be back and I have several posts to catch up on and my next few will have giveaways! yay!
Until next time,